My Various Musical Adventures....

Peter Ostroushko: Playing with Peter is as good as it gets. I love being his accompanist whenever I get the opportunity. We usually try to work a mandolin duet into our sets, and as I've told Peter that playing mandolin with him is like playing baseball with Willie Mays! Otherwise, It's him on mandolin and fiddle, me on guitar, four mikes, and two guys with their ears on.

Will, Armand, and Danny: Will McFarlane was Bonnie Raitt's lead guitarist for a number of years. Armand Lenchek is one of the greatest blues players in the NC triangle area, or anywhere else, for that matter. Our favorite venue is Cary's Six String Cafe, and when we play there, the sparks always fly, and we have a blast.
JazzBeau is my straight ahead jazz combo. I'm old school when it comes to jazz--and these guys are cut from the same cloth as me.
John Kribs and I have been playing music together since the late 1970s. We were two thirds of the Racquette River Rounders, and one half of the Rolling Clones. It's been over three decades of making music (of many kinds) together...Do I really need to say any more?
The Holy Mother of Pentatonics is my big-time rock band. As you can see from these photos, all of the members look very similar. That might be because they are all from a very small town in upstate NY, where all the kids look the same, and all the sheep are very nervous.
The HMP (as I call them) had a minor hit in the the 1970s, "I'm gonna shake all you all night long, (if you catch my drift, baby, baby, baby)" They continued recording for the next thirty years with no additional chart-toppers. However, they have a found a lucrative market performing at county fairs, shotgun weddings, hamburger festivals, and Square Earth Society conventions.
Oh, by the way...this band does not exist. Did I have you for a minute?

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