Photos:friends and places

Many of these dates are approximate. I have too many photos to remember dates!

with paul meyers, circa 1978.

     with doug pomeroy and chip wilson. burlington, vermont, mid 1990s.

with wayne naylor, my longest musical acquaintance. we have known each other since high school. rochester, ny, circa early 1990s.

at cooperstown, circa 1999. i love this town.

the racquette river rounders, circa 1980. photo taken, strangely enough, by the racquette river.

yes, this is real. e-mail me if you want the story.

  with robin and linda williams, jim watson, joel and marilyn ray at lake ozonia.

left to right: tim welch, john kribs, frank carcaterra, david welch, andy welch, me. saratoga, circa 2000

with rolly brown.

with tony rice's D28. ("clarence")

with claire holley

with ari eisinger.

summit. left to right: chris lee, me, steve joseph, craig vance

with tom paxton.

aya and pat martino, me, and bernie petteway.

with my niece, julie. summer 2003, saratoga, at the track.

with tony galfano and tim o'brien. two nuggets and a randy wood.

with ed gerhard, early 1980s, newmarket, new hampshire.

backstage at winfield, 1977. watching mark o'connor warm up.
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