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PLEASE: If you like my music, remember that it is how I make my living. If you like it, buy the recording, don't download it for free. That's the only way I can keep doing what I'm doing. Okay?

Music File
cant find my way home from luzerne  
hark the herald angels sing from happy holidays  
edelweiss from happy holidays  
annie eyes from the rr rounder collection  
you look good to me same as above  
across the universe from luzerne  
cherokee from the rr rounder collection  
up on the rooftop from happy holidays  
books blues from luzerne  
good king wenceslas from happy holidays  
blackberry blossom

from r3

colors from old friends  
sheba river from old friends  
sheba minor from guitarheel  
lullaby for lennon from sundays two  
turnturnturn from sundays two  
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