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Pat Martino. What can I say? A  musical force, and a virtuoso human being.
Doonesbury keeps me sane. And the characters, unlike other comic strips, age with time.
Cracked. Great lists. Fun junk.
Paul is one of the greatest musicians I know. We met while living in upstate NY in the late 1970s. He calls the NYC area home now, and he's making some great music there.
Ed is, IMHO, the finest fingerstyle steelstring player on the planet. He takes expression and tone to the highest levels.
Harmony Central is a great resource for guitarists. Everything about everything can be found here. I especially love the reviews of instruments and amplifiers. I've done a number of them.
this is the coolest website in the world. take your time, and click the buttons/boxes to make some amazing stuff happen!
the Durham Bulls da bulls! take me out to the ballgame.
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